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    City of Florida City
City Hall 
404 West Palm Drive 
Florida City, Florida 33034

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City Contacts

Administration 305-247-8221

City Clerk Receptionist
Jennifer A Evelyn Alicia Hoyte

Finance Department 305-242-8109

Finance Director    Assistant Finance Director   Administrative Assistant
Chad Burkhalter   Kerry-Ann Jones

Customer Service/Utility  Billing Manager 
   Payroll & AP Manager Senior Accountant  
Carter Lightbourn    Francis-Scully, Doreen Frank Dunbar

   Accountant Cashier
Robin Miller    Walter Montenegro

Human Resources 305-242-8178
HR Director

Cindy Lyle

Water Plant 305-245-9434

Water Plant Supervisor Water & Sewer Department Secretary
Jose Delgado Delna Elisme
(305) 248-6855
(305) 245-9434 

Water & Sewer Department Superintendent
Edel Villar

Community Development/ Planning and Zoning Dept.
Cindy Lyle, Assistant Director

Building and Zoning Department         Building Official                                    Noe Martinez