General Information 

The Florida City Community Redevelopment Agency was created jointly by the City of Florida City and Miami-Dade County in 1995. The purpose was to assist the City in the redevelopment of a defined Community Redevelopment Area. This area has been modified once in 2009. 

The Community Redevelopment Agency provides needed infrastructure to businesses desiring to locate within the Community Redevelopment Area. Projects in the past have funded water and sewer lines, street upgrades, sidewalks and handicap access, deceleration lanes, and landscaping. The Community Redevelopment Agency has a program that assists new and existing business improve the appearance of an existing building facade and a program to assist a new business with the cost of physically setting up a new business in the Community Redevelopment Area.The Community Redevelopment Agency also funds streetscape projects in residential portions of the Community Redevelopment Area, including new streets, drainage, curb and gutter,sidewalks, and landscaping. 

The Community Redevelopment Agency was established pursuant to Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes(see   Original Interlocal Agreement). The latest revision of its Community Redevelopment Plan took place in 2009. The Community
Redevelopment Agency will sunset in 2024. 

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