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Chief of Police


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Message from the Chief

On behalf of the  women and men of  the
Florida City Police Department, I would like
to welcome you to our Internet Homepage.
Florida City is located on the southern line of Miami Dade County,
Florida and is the Gateway to Florida Keys. Our population is 7,843 permanent residents.
The Department has thirty four sworn and fifteen
non-sworn employees. This site reflects our
commitment to provide innovative, community
specific and relevant services to the population
we serve.  We believe that Community Policing is an important part of law enforcement.

Our motto is  "Community and Policing -
A partnership in progress." The staff of the Florida City Police Department is a diverse blend
of professionals who are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and service.
Each member is dedicated to making the
City of Florida City the safest place to work
and visit for our staff, citizens, and visitors.

Presently we are undergoing the accreditation process through the Commission for Florida Enforcement Accreditation. I am extremely proud of our efforts and hard work performed by
our personnel in undertaking this goal. 

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, click here to email our department and we will respond as soon as we can.

Chief of Police
Pedro W. Taylor 

In collaboration with the FCPD, The City of Florida City, and the State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Law enforcement personnel serve as mentors as well as perform curfew checks on these youngsters who are participants in an intensive aftercare program funded by DJJ. While in the academy, participants are required to attend school, vocational training, or be gainfully employed. Their habitation and gradual reintegration into the community is based on the Department of Juvenile Justice's "Balanced Approach" focusing first on public safety, juvenile accountability, and departmental accountability


Field Operations Divisions is essentially
the most important division in the department
by virtue of the one-on-one services
it provides to our citizens. When citizens
call our department, they expect patrol
officers to respond immediately.
This is not always possible, however
the effective deployment of patrol officers
falls under the purview of the field operations division. This vital Division is commanded
by the Commander of Police who is
in charge of commanding the following
sections. Patrol Motorcycle,
Bicycle Patrol, Special Events,
PSA, K-9 and School Crossing Guards.
Field Support Operations:  provides a vital support system for patrol operation. The Commander of Field Support is responsible for the records, Property, Communications Bureaus, and the Police Athletic League. 
Property Sectionprimary responsibilities are to process and warehouse all evidence received by the department members.
Property Sectionprimary responsibilities are to process and warehouse all evidence received by the department members.
Investigations Section:
is commanded by one supervisor and manned by four detectives. The supervisor directs the following units; Child Abuse, Robbery, and General Investigations. Their responsibilities include investigating crimes, providing technical and operational support and coordinating the involvement of other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.
Chief's Administrative Assistant:
responsibility to work closely with the Chief of Police to ensure Florida city Motor unit

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Communications Section: 
is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and has been automated to handle calls more  rapidly and efficiently.  The dispatchers are responsible for dispatching police units to citizens calls for service. 
The communications personnel handled a total of 12,270 emergency and  non- emergency calls last year.

Crime Analyst Section:
supports the daily operational activities, computer laptop training and the preparation of "accuracy" information for UCR reporting data for FDLE, crime statistics, and computer technical support for Police Officers. 

Records Section:   
provides continuous service to the public and department personnel. The department is the repository for all records generated by the Department  and is responsible for the efficient management of these records and the distribution of departmental subpoenas.

Internal Affairs:
This section is responsible for safeguarding the integrity of the FCPD. Thoroughly investigating citizens' complaints in an efficient, fair, and impartial manner to the community for which it serves. An Internal Affairs investigation is conducted when the allegation against an employee is criminal misconduct, corruption, brutality, or breach of civil rights.  The Internal Affairs unit will also investigate other complaints as directed by the Chief of Police.  All other complaints are violations of departmental rules and regulations and are conducted by the member's immediate supervisor or other supervisor as designated by each division's Commander. 

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Chief's Secretary:  to assist the Chief with outgoing & incoming correspondence, maintenance of personnel files, and general office duties.

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Chief of Police and Admin Staff

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